PLC/HMI/Motion Programming

Our controls engineers will work with your existing team or deliver discrete projects developed in-house at our facility. We specialize in Siemens Step7, Allen-Bradley RS Logix500, RS Studio5000, CompactLogix, MicroLogic, and ControlLogix, Omron CX, as well as ACS and Parker motion controls.

PC-Based Controls and SCADA

We’ll develop your process control or monitoring system using the most recent technology and programming methodologies. Deploy an off-the-shelf SCADA platform like Wonderware, Siemens ____, Indusoft Studio, or Inductive Automation’s Ignition, or we’ll build your custom control or data collection application on the .NET platform with all the bells and whistles you need.

Legacy System Updates

If you’re worried about the vulnerability of your unsupported Windows XP operating system and aged legacy application, let us bring your system into the 21st century with a software port or re-write. Our developers are skilled in both contemporary and legacy languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, C# and VB.NET, Java, Delphi, Labview, and more.

Robotics and Vision Integration

Cutting-edge machine tool builders integrate robot and vision systems to achieve maximum speed and accuracy for manufacturing customers. We implement programs for many of the leading robot suppliers, including Fanuc, ABB, and Denso, along with Cognex Insight and Dataman vision products.

HMI Design

For maximum OEE and reduced maintenance, troubleshooting, and training times, top-performing machines need top-performing interfaces. Our designers can make your HMI shine, with easily understood layouts that help your customers' operators and technicians do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Controls Retrofits

Upgrading out-dated control systems can be a challenge, but we’re here to make sure your new equipment will pay for itself. We’ve been around long enough to figure out anything your old system can throw at us. Realize increased OEE by updating your PLC, HMI, motion, electrical, SCADA, and safety systems with a replacement that better meets your needs.